Stay Alert For These Signs Of Sleep Apnea From Our Lincoln Park Sleep Apnea Dentists

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Sep 27, 2016

Sleep apnea is a truly insidious condition that can lead to a number of short term and long term health problems. Our Lincoln Park sleep apnea dentists are proud to offer treatment options that help people overcome this chronic condition, and regain healthy sleeping patterns.

Prompt diagnosis and treatment can make a huge difference for sleep apnea sufferers. That is why our dental team is providing you with information about how to spot sleep apnea as it develops. We hope that this short explanation helps you feel more confident taking control of your health!

Sleep apnea occurs when a patient’s airway becomes blocked as he or she sleeps. When the patient’s oral tissues relax they fall into the patient’s airway and makes it difficult for the patient to get enough oxygen. Look out for:

· Loud and obstructive snoring—sleep-apnea-related snoring is often so loud that it wakes the sufferer or the sufferer’s sleeping partner

· Frequent mid-night waking—when your body’s blood oxygen level dips too low, you will “jolt” awake in order to restart your breathing process. You may even find yourself gasping for air or choking when you wake

· Chronic nighttime dry mouth—sleep apnea sufferers often sleep with their mouths open because they are trying to get as much oxygen as possible

· Frequent headaches especially in the morning and before bed

· Fatigue, memory and concentration problems—because sleep apnea disrupts your natural REM cycle, you aren’t getting the quality rest that you need!

If you notice any of these problems in your own life, you should reach out to your dentist/doctor for support and a sleep apnea evaluation. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can help you avoid all kinds of long-term health issues related to obstructive sleep apnea! Our Lincoln Park sleep apnea dentists are here to walk you through the sleep apnea assessment and treatment process—give us a call!