Root Canal Process Explained From Start To Finish By Our Lincoln Park Dentist

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Jan 26, 2016

Modern dental technology allows our dental team to save teeth that, in years past, would have been pulled or would have fallen out on their own. One of the key restorative treatments that our Lincoln Park dentists use is root canal therapy.

Now, when many people hear the term “root canal therapy” they start to get a little bit anxious or stressed. But, our dental team is here to tell you that this, often necessary, treatment can be smile saving, and isn’t nearly as scary as it may at first seem.

We are going to walk you through the root canal treatment process, so that you understand why each step is necessary, and how this treatment improves your oral health.

So, if our dental team determines that you require root canal therapy, you have a tooth that is either infected or damaged down to the inner layers of the tooth. In order to save the remaining healthy parts of your tooth, we need to clear away the dental pulp and the dental roots, which extend into you gum and jawbone tissues.

During root canal therapy we go into your tooth, and clean out the compromised dental materials within. Once we have extracted unhealthy dental materials, your remaining tooth consists of healthy dental enamel and dentin that we didn’t need to clear away. The “living” portions of your tooth (dental pulp and roots) are now gone.

Finally, we rebuild your tooth with a customized dental restoration. Once this treatment process is complete, you have a natural looking, healthy tooth, instead of a painful infected or damaged tooth.

Do you have more questions about root canal therapy, or other restorative dental treatments? Our Lincoln Park dentists can provide you with the information and guidance that you need in order to reclaim a healthy smile!