Optimize Dentures With Help From Our Lincoln Park Dentists

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Sep 15, 2015

When you are missing teeth, you will probably notice that it is harder for you to go through your normal daily process. Additionally, you may feel less confident about the appearance of your smile. The good news is that there are effective treatment options that can help you rebuild your smile after tooth loss. Today, we are going to be discussing how our Lincoln Park restorative dentists are able to stabilize dentures, so keep reading for more information!

You are probably already familiar with the concept of dentures: dentures replace several missing teeth in a row—often they are used to replace the entire top or bottom row of the smile. Traditionally, dentures have been designed to sit on top of the patient’s gum tissue. The patient would secure the denture with specially formulated adhesive in order to improve the stability of the replacement teeth.

Now, however, our dental team can attach your dentures permanently in your mouth. In order to do this, we insert mini dental implant roots into your jawbone. These mini roots are made of titanium, because titanium is actually able to bond to natural bone tissue. Once the mini implant roots are in place, the will form a stable foundation for your dental prosthetic.

In order to make the mini implants work with your denture, we will customize the bottom of your denture, so that it fits into place over your implant roots. The mechanism that holds your denture in place is similar to a ball and socket joint.

Once the denture is secured in place, it will stay in your mouth all of the time. You will care for your denture much like you care for your natural teeth and gum tissue.

Discover how comfortable and natural looking dentures can be with the addition of dental implants. Call our Lincoln Park dental implant dentists for more information!