Lincoln Park Root Canal Dentist Saves Damaged Smiles

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Jun 30, 2015

Modern dental technology allows patients to retain their natural teeth after severe dental damage. This is hugely beneficial for the patient for both aesthetic and functionality reasons. One treatment that is indispensable to restorative dentists is the root canal.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably something along the lines of, “ugh” or “root canals are the worst!” Trust me, our Lincoln Park dental team has heard it all before. But we are here to tell you that, in truth, the root canal can be a smile saving procedure.

Let’s say that you have sustained serious dental damage. Maybe your tooth was broken in an accident, or maybe an oral infection has worked its way to the core of your tooth. When you are in this dire situation, root canal therapy can restore your tooth and bring your smile back from the brink.

During root canal therapy, our dentist:

1. Isolates the point of infection or damage

2. Removes all compromised dental material, all the way down through the dental core, which includes the tooth root and nerves

3. Sterilizes the remaining dental tissue in order to minimize the risk of re-infection. During treatment, our dentist will preserve as much healthy tooth material as possible, because this helps to stabilize your post-treatment smile.

4. Finally, our dental team will restore your damaged tooth. We will fill it and cap it with a restoration. When this portion of treatment is done, your tooth will look and feel natural again.

After a successful root canal the patient is able to return to his or her normal daily routine. You’ll be able to eat, drink, and speak easily. And, importantly, your smile will look restored, fresh, and intact.

If you have sustained dental trauma, or if you have an advanced dental infection, please seek treatment as soon as possible. Our Lincoln Park root canal dentists can help you!