Lincoln Park Root Canal Dentist Provides The High Quality Restorative Care Patients Need

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Feb 2, 2016

Severe dental damage is definitely difficult for patients to deal with in the short term, because it can lead to discomfort and other negative symptoms. However, it is also important to know that dental damage can cause even more serious pain and structural problems in the long term.

Our Lincoln Park root canal dentists provide top-notch restorative dental treatment precisely to help patients regain healthy dental functioning in both the short and the long term. Many times, root canal therapy is an important part of the restorative dentistry treatment process.

Why is this?

Root canal treatment can help you save a tooth that is at risk of being lost. During root canal therapy our dental team actually removes the inner materials of your tooth—including your dental root. Once the core of the tooth (which has been compromised due to infection or fracture) is cleared out, we will restore your tooth based on the remaining healthy tooth structure.

Prompt root canal therapy can help you avoid further dental problems in the future. A rampant dental infection can actually spread to adjacent teeth, gum tissues, and even jawbone tissue. Dental infections, left untreated, will likely cause tooth loss or necessitate tooth extraction.

Our Lincoln Park dentists are surprised to learn that so many patients still feel anxiety when they think about root canal therapy! Modern root canal therapy is quick and quite comfortable—we offer the relaxation and sedation treatments that you need in order to get necessary dental treatments. If you’re feeling worried or confused about how root canal therapy is going to progress, please reach out to our dental team—we can absolutely help you through this process!

When you’re ready to get started just give our dental team a call and schedule a consultation with our helpful team!