Lincoln Park Restorative Dentist Answers Your Questions About All-on-Four Replacement Teeth

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Aug 16, 2016

All-on-Four treatment is only becoming more popular among dental patients who are suffering from tooth loss. This transformative restorative option allows patients to reclaim whole and healthy smiles in a very short period of time.

Today our Lincoln Park dental implant dentists are answering some common questions about All-on-Four—let’s get started!

Q: I have heard this is a “permanent” treatment—what does that mean?

A: During all-on-four treatment, our dentist actually anchors your denture or prosthetic in your mouth using small dental implant roots. This means that once your replacement teeth are in your mouth, they will stay in place 24/7—your denture is no longer removable. Basically, you will care for your implant-stabilized replacement teeth as you care for your natural smile.

Q: How long does it take to complete this treatment?

A: One of the amazing things about all-on-four treatment is that our team can rebuild your smile in just a few dental appointments. Generally, with all-on-four treatment, we use mini dental implant roots to stabilize the prosthetic. Mini dental implant roots do not require recovery time after insertion, so we will place a few mini-implant roots along the gum line, and then attach your dental prosthetic on top.

Q: What is it like to live with all-on-four replacement teeth?

A: Most patient report that their dentures feel more stable and natural after undergoing all-on-four treatment. Implant-stabilized dentures look exceptionally natural, and improve the day to day experience of living with replacement teeth.

If you are suffering from tooth loss, it is critical that you seek prompt treatment from a dentist. Tooth loss is not simply an aesthetic problem; over time your mouth can become weaker and susceptible to further damage.

Want to learn more? Our Lincoln Park all-on-four dentists are here for you! Give us a call to get started.