Lincoln Park Invisalign Dentist Helps Patients Discover Their Dream Smiles

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Jun 23, 2015

Very few people naturally develop gorgeous, perfectly aligned smiles. For most of this, this kind of genetic lottery win just isn’t in the cards. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a perfected smile—you can use cosmetic dentistry treatments to get the gorgeous smile you have been dreaming of!

One treatment that our Lincoln Park dentists use to perfect smiles is the Invisalign orthodontic system. Today we’ll be talking a little bit more about what Invisalign can do.

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that utilizes a series of custom-fit, clear plastic aligners. These aligners fit completely over a patient’s smile, in order to move teeth into optimal alignment. Invisalign can be used to:

· Straighten crooked or crowded teeth—Invisalign aligners will turn these teeth so that they are straight and fit together in an attractive way.

· Close gaps between teeth—gapped teeth can be corrected with Invisalign. Essentially, the aligners will gradually move the two teeth closer and closer to each other, until the gap is eliminated.

· Fix bite irregularities—if your bite feels uneven—for example, some teeth are hitting each other at unnatural angles, or before the other teeth hit—Invisalign can help to refine your bite, ultimately bringing it into better alignment.

· Widen your smile—Using Invisalign, our dentist can give your smile a wider appearance, so that it fills more of your natural smile space. This looks balanced and attractive.

If you are dealing with one or more of these problems, Invisalign may be able to help you. Our Lincoln Park Invisalign dentists will be able to tell you whether Invisalign may be right for your dental situation when you come in for your personalized cosmetic consultation. So please call us at your earliest convenience in order to get started. Your dream smile is closer than you think!