Lincoln Park Family Dentist Discusses The Importance Of Protective Mouth Guards

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Nov 1, 2016

Our Lincoln Park family dentists provide the treatments that children need to maintain healthy smiles and develop strong smiles into adulthood. One thing that we emphasize, and that many people don’t consider, is the importance of wearing protective mouth guards when engaging in contact sports and extreme sports. Today we are giving you some more information on why mouth guards are important and how they work.

Here are some situations in which you may want you or your child to wear a mouth guard:

· Playing sports like football, hockey, basketball, etc.

· Engaging in activities in which you may experience accidents—like skating and skateboarding

· Participating in extreme outdoor activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, surfing, and skiing

The best option for your smile is to have a customized mouth guard fitted for your smile, specifically. There are a number of types of mouth guards available over the counter, but these will not provide the same level of fit and protection that a customized mouthpiece will. Plus, some people struggle with discomfort and dental shifting due to one-size-fit-all mouth guards.

The process of creating one of these mouth guards is quick and simple. Our team will take an impression of your existing smile. Then, we use this impression to mold a soft plastic mouth guard that will fit snugly over your teeth.

When you bring your child in for his or her semi-annual professional cleaning, talk to our dental team about whether a mouth guard is appropriate for your child. It is so much easier—and more comfortable, and more affordable—to wear a mouth piece as recommended, instead of trying to fix dental damage after the fact.

Our Lincoln Park dentists can answer any additional questions that you may have, and help you make excellent dentistry decisions! We look forward to speaking with you!