Lincoln Park Dentures Dentists Provide Restorative Replacement Teeth

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Sep 22, 2015

When you are stuck dealing with tooth loss, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Our Lincoln Park restorative dentists are here to help you restore your smile after tooth loss, so that you can regain a beautiful and healthy smile.

We offer a number of restorative options in our dental office, but today we are going to be discussing one in particular: the denture. Keep reading to learn more about what dentures can do, and how they work.

Dentures are dental prosthetics that replace missing teeth. Every denture has a base that is molded to fit the patient’s gum tissue. On top of this base are replacement teeth—which are designed to look natural for each patient.

Traditionally, dentures have stayed in place because the denture base is molded to fit the patient’s specific gum/jawbone structure. The patient could additionally secure the denture with dental adhesive, if necessary.

Many patients who wore dentures desired more stability and permanency from their replacement teeth. That is why our Lincoln Park denture dentists are so happy to offer implant-stabilized dentures.

Essentially, our dental team can make sure that your denture stays in place, and looks and feels naturals, by inserting a few mini dental implant roots into your jawbone. Once these roots are embedded in your jawbone, your denture will be designed so that it locks into place over the implant roots. Your denture will stay in your mouth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Implant-stabilized dentures have revolutionized the world of dental prosthetics. Dentures have never before looked so natural, and felt so comfortable.

If you are currently missing teeth, please do not hesitate to seek treatment for this problem. Our Lincoln Park dentists are here to answer any questions that you may have, and to walk you through all of your treatment options.