Lincoln Park Denture Dentist Reviews Key Benefit Of All On Four

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Aug 9, 2016

If you are suffering from tooth loss, you do not have to continue to suffer in silence! Modern dental technology makes it easier than ever before for you to rebuild your smile.

One treatment that has helped thousands of patients regain oral health is All-on-Four treatment. This treatment allows our dental team to hold a denture permanently in place using a few titanium dental implant roots. These roots extend from the prosthetic down into the patient’s jawbone—filling the space of the (missing) natural tooth root.

Our Lincoln Park dental implant dentists have found that there are a number of reasons that people love implant-stabilized dentures:

1. Ease of daily life

Once your denture is in place, it stays in your mouth 24/7 every single day. It is easy, using an implant-stabilized denture, to naturally eat, speak, and take part in your favorite activities. It’s also straightforward to clean and care for your replacement teeth.

2. Oral-health benefits

When you are missing teeth, and thus tooth roots, your jawbone can start to weaken and deteriorate as a result. The implant roots, which we use to hold your denture in place, help to bolster your natural bone tissue and keep your smile stronger.

3. Exceptional aesthetics

Our team will design your denture to look natural and attractive for your smile, specifically. This means that the size, shape, and color of your replacement teeth will be customized for you.

4. Longevity

With proper care your implant-stabilized denture can last for over a decade before it needs to be repaired or replaced. This is truly a restorative option that is built to last.

Want to learn even more about All-on-Four treatment? Our Lincoln Park denture dentists are here to walk you through the treatment process, and answer any questions that you may have. Give our office a call to get started, or use the Contact Us page on our website to get started!