Lincoln Park Dentist Provides Personalized Porcelain Veneer Treatment

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Nov 10, 2015

Let’s say that you have an aesthetic or functional issue with your smile. Maybe your teeth have started to look dark or dull. Perhaps you dental enamel has accumulated unsightly cracks and chips. What can you do?

When you speak to our Lincoln Park dentists, you’ll find that you actually have many treatment options that can restore and rejuvenate our smile. One of these treatments is dental veneer application.

Many people choose dental veneers because these porcelain cosmetic restorations are completely customizable to the patient. Let’s learn about all of the ways that our dental team tailors dental veneers to fit the individual:

1. Size

The size of the veneer is going to allow the veneer to blend in naturally with the patient’s existing teeth. Additionally, our dental team can create veneers that are slightly wider or longer than the natural tooth, in order to improve the balance of the patient’s smile.

2. Color

Every veneer is shaded to suit the patient’s natural teeth. And, if you are struggling with stained and discolor enamel, our dental team can lighten the appearance of your smile with luminous cosmetic veneers.

3. Shape

This is a factor that many people do not consider, but different people have different, naturally occurring, dental shapes! When we create your dental veneers, we will mimic your natural dental shapes, so that your veneers look like your teeth…but better!

Every decision that our dental team makes regarding your dental veneers will keep your smile, and cosmetic goals, in mind. Throughout the treatment process we’ll collaborate with you to ensure that you end up with a smile that looks gorgeous and natural.

If you want to learn more about how veneers can be customized for you, or if you just want to hear about potential cosmetic treatments, please feel free to call our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists!