Lincoln Park Dentist Explains Why Professional Dental Cleanings Matter

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Jul 14, 2015

The American Dental Association recommends that adult dental patients undergo professional cleanings at least twice annually. Your dentist may give you slightly different guidelines to follow, depending on the current state of your oral health.

So why this recommendation? Why do patients need to undergo professional cleanings at all? Our Lincoln Park dentists are here to explain…

As you go throughout your day, bacterial plaque builds up on your teeth and oral tissues. Over time—in just a few days—this plaque calcifies to teeth (this is called tartar).

Now, you are able to clear away some newly accumulated plaque by brushing and flossing. However, it is impossible to get rid of all of the bacteria.

That is why you need to see your dentist for regular professional cleanings. Our dental team is able to buff away calcified tartar, which you can’t eliminate on your own at home. If this tartar is not cleared away, it will erode your healthy dental enamel—causing cavities, and contributing to problems such as gum disease.

When you complete a professional cleaning every six months or so, our dental team is able to get rid of calcified plaque before it has enough time to really damage your smile. After your in-office cleaning, you will brush, floss, and use mouthwash (if recommended by your dentist) in order to maintain a healthy mouth until your next appointment.

During your professional cleaning our dental team will also complete an oral cancer screening. This allows us to spot any problematic tissues when they first emerge, and when they are most easily treated.

Even if it has been years since you have come in for a cleaning, please feel free to contact our Lincoln Park dentists. We can help you reclaim your healthy and attractive smile, no matter what the current state of your oral health.