Lincoln Park Dentist Explains What Kinds Of Problems Result From Chronic Sleep Apnea

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Jun 28, 2016

Dental patients who suffer from sleep apnea are at risk of dealing with many different health problems as a result. Plus, sleep apnea can cause a number of minor inconveniences that make it hard for patients to go through their daily routines.

Today, our Lincoln Park dentists are reviewing some of the unwanted byproducts of chronic sleep apnea. If you are noticing any of these issues in your own life, it is a good idea to reach out to your dental team for treatment.

As you may already know, sleep apnea makes it difficult for sufferers to breathe in sufficient amounts of oxygen as they are sleeping. This happens because relaxed oral tissues fall into the patient’s airway once he or she falls asleep.

So, if you are experiencing sleep apnea, you might find that you:

· Are snoring loudly at night

· Wake up repeatedly throughout the night to “jump start” the breathing process

· Suffer from dry mouth in the night and in the morning

Over time, the stress of living with sleep apnea, as well as chronic low oxygen levels may lead to:

· Persistent headaches, especially in the morning and at night

· Fatigue and concentration problems—some patients experience worsening ADHD symptoms

· Depression and mood changes

Plus, untreated sleep apnea is linked to an increased risk of suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

As you can see, sleep apnea is not to be taken lightly. If you begin to notice signs and symptoms of sleep apnea at night or during the day, it is vital that you seek prompt treatment from a sleep apnea professional.

Our Lincoln Park sleep apnea dentist can give you the additional information that you need, and help you schedule a personalized consultation with our team. Give our office a call to get started!