Lincoln Park Dental Implant Dentist Provides Tooth Replacement Options

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Aug 11, 2015

If you are missing teeth, it is absolutely imperative that you seek restorative treatment in a timely manner. When you restore lost teeth, you improve not only the appearance, but also the health and functionality, of your smile.

In our Lincoln Park dentist office, the leading tooth replacement option is the dental implant. Dental implants are effective, long-lasting, and versatile. Let’s learn more about how dental implants work with various tooth replacement options.

So, the number one thing that makes the dental implant unique is that every dental implant has a titanium root. This root extends into the patient’s jawbone, and serves as a replacement tooth root.

One way to use a dental implant is to use it as a stand-alone replacement tooth. In this scenario, our dental team places one dental implant for every one tooth lost. The titanium root grounds the dental implant, and the root is capped with a dental restoration that looks like a tooth. Assuming the patient has adequate jawbone density, our dental team can use stand-alone implants to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire jaw line’s worth of teeth.

Another way to use the dental implant is to use to ground a larger prosthetic. Denture wearers, for example, can benefit from a few, strategically placed, dental implant roots. The base of the patient’s denture is then retrofitted to fit in place over the implant roots. Once your denture is in place, it stays in your mouth 24/7. Implant stabilized dentures provide exceptional stability and comfort for the denture wearer.

Our Lincoln Park dentists can give you all of the additional information that you need about dental implants (and many other restorative options!). Please don’t hesitate to call our friendly dental team, or schedule a consultation online when you are ready to get started.