Lincoln Park Cosmetic Dentist Reviews 3 Ways To Achieve A Straighter Looking Smile

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Aug 7, 2018

A straight and seamless smile can give you a boost of confidence, and help you maintain a cleaner smile over time. As with many things in the world of cosmetic dentistry, there are a number of different treatments that you can use to achieve a straighter smile. Today, our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists are reviewing a few of the most commonly used solutions in our office:

Invisalign: this orthodontic treatment moves your teeth into better alignment using clear plastic aligners. Invisalign offers an alternative to traditional metal brackets and wires, and patients generally prefer Invisalign because it is easier to use, more discreet, and more comfortable than metal orthodontics. The entire Invisalign treatment process, on average, takes about a year or a year and half to complete; your treatment timeline will depend on the current state of your smile and your dental goals.

Dental bonding: this treatment can help people who have minor dental misalignment achieve better dental aesthetics. Using composite resin, our team will build up specific teeth, so that the patient’s smile looks more perfected. This treatment doesn’t actually move your natural teeth; it simply gives the smile a better appearance. One reason that patients love dental bonding is that the entire treatment process can be completed in just one dental appointment.

Porcelain veneers: these are individually crafted restorations, that are designed to cover the patient’s real tooth. Veneers are exceptionally thin, about as thick as a contact lens, so they are unobtrusive and natural looking. With veneers, you can make your smile look straighter, undamaged, white, and better proportioned. It normally takes just two to three appointments to achieve full results with cosmetic veneers.

When you meet with our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists, we’ll talk to you about your dental goals, ideal timeline, and budget; all of these considerations will help us match you with the perfect treatment for you, as an individual.