Lincoln Park Cosmetic Dentist Explains How Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment Works

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Oct 17, 2017

Not everyone has a ton of time to perfect their smiles with cosmetic dentistry treatments. That’s why our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists make it a point to offer aesthetic options that work with our patients’ respective timelines. In today’s article, we’re reviewing the properties of one of these treatments, Six Month Smiles. Keep reading to learn more!

As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles is designed to deliver results in around six months. This is considerably faster than a number of other dental treatment options.

Six Month Smiles succeeds because it does not try to achieve all things. This treatment is really designed to improve the appearance of the patient’s smile, rather than optimize the structure or function of the smile.

Using orthodontic brackets and wires, our team focuses on moving only those teeth that are highly visible. Perfecting the most noticeable part of the smile allow our dentist to achieve a full visible transformation in a short period of time.

The brackets and wires that are used in Six Month Smiles are tooth-colored, so that they blend in with the patient’s natural dental enamel. The goal is to allow our patients to improve their smiles quickly and discreetly.

Using Six Month Smiles, you can close gaps between your teeth, straighten crooked and crowded alignment, and correct minor underbites and overbites. When you come in for a consultation with our team, we’ll take a look at your existing smile in order to determine whether Six Month Smiles is appropriate for you. The most successful Six Month Smiles patients have largely healthy and sound smiles, and simply want to improve aesthetics.

Our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists are happy to give you all of the information that you need about all of your aesthetic treatment options, including Six Month Smiles. You can always contact our dentist by giving our office a call, or by submitting a question through our Contact Us page.