Don’t Skip Your Dental Appointment! Our Lincoln Park Dentist Explains Why

Written by Dr. Szurgot on Jul 7, 2015

Caring for your smile at home—by brushing and flossing—is a great start to caring for your smile. However, these at-home oral hygiene measures are not enough—you have to pair them with professional dental cleanings. Most dentists, as well as the American Dental Association and our Lincoln Park dentists, tell patients to come in for a professional dental cleanings two times each year (six months apart). In this short article we are going to be reviewing why in-office cleanings are so important.

So let’s get started!

1. Refresh your smile

We know that you are doing a great job cleaning your smile at home. However, it’s impossible for you, using at-home oral hygiene tools, to completely eliminate plaque from your smile. That is why, every six months, you nee dour dental team to give your smile a fresh slate—then you can work to maintain it until your next appointment.

2. Check for emerging issues

It can be hard for patients to spot changes to and problems with their smiles. That is why, during every appointment, our dental team takes the time to assess a patient’s mouth for signs of trouble. When you come in and see your dental team regularly, you improve your chances of identifying and treating oral health problems before they grow out of control. At Lincoln Park Cosmetic Dentists we also perform oral cancer screenings.

3. Use your dentist as a resource

Think of your dental appointment as an opportunity to pick your dentist’s brain. See your dentist regularly so that you can get the answers you need to pressing dental health questions.

Your smile will look and feel better once you start sticking to your dentist-recommended oral health routine. Ready to learn more, and to schedule a consultation with our team? Give Lincoln Park Cosmetic Dentists a call!